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The New Croft Staff Excel in Fundraising Efforts

The New Croft staff demonstrate their dedication and commitment to the local community by completing impressive fundraising activities to help support The New Croft Foundation.

Rhys Shulver completed the 100-mile London bike ride in under five hours which is a testament to his rigorous training and perseverance. Averaging speeds of over 20 miles per hour, Rhys crossed the finish line at Tower Bridge, completing an impressive total of 103 miles. His dedication and determination have not only showcased his personal strength but also significantly contributed to the fundraising success.

In another daring feat, Holly Mayhew and Sophie Grey conquered their fears by taking a heart-pounding 300-foot bungee jump in Windsor. Their courage and willingness to step out of their comfort zones have inspired many and added to the overall fundraising efforts. The bravery demonstrated by Holly and Sophie is a reflection of the spirit and enthusiasm of The New Croft staff.

The funds raised will be invested into The New Croft Foundation's community activities. These activities are crucial in providing sport for all, including SEN Programmes, Walking Football, community engagement and educational activities.


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