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The World of Work initiative gives young people the opportunity to shine and gain hands-on experience at The New Croft. 


This opportunity is open to ambitious students aged 16-19, looking to gain hands-on experience in a real-life professional environment. 


Join our growing team of young people


Your passion, your talent.

We believe every young person deserves a chance to shine. That's why we're here to help you gain valuable experience to one day turn your dream job into a reality. 


Real-life opportunties.

Our facility offers a wide range of opportunities for young people to gain hands-on experience to help further their career and employability skills. 

Whether you have the enthusiasm of a football coach, the attention to detail of a graphic designer, or perfected a mouthwatering dish - we have it all.


Work around your studies.

Work experience goes hand-in-hand with studying and provides a major advantage when applying for jobs in the future. All roles through the World of Work initiative are flexible to fit around your studies and will happily provide you with a reference at the end of your placement.

Placement durations can vary depending on the role, your availability, and your commitment. Durations are agreed upon prior to acceptance and can be reviewed.

Edward Newall, Trainee Facilities Photographer

"The New Croft has not only given me confidence in my ability with a camera, but real-life experience working in a professional environment to help build my portfolio."
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