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Partnership Strengthened with ITFC Foundation

The New Croft Foundation is thrilled to announce the extension of our partnership agreement with Ipswich Town Foundation. This collaboration, which initially began in August last year, has proven highly successful in promoting football inclusivity and community engagement.

Over the past year, The New Croft Foundation and Ipswich Town Foundation have joined forces to create numerous opportunities within the Boys Pathway, Disability and Mental Health programs. We are excited to reveal that this partnership has now expanded to encompass the Girls Pathway and Community Support initiatives.

The Foundation remains dedicated to supporting the delivery of disability, mental health, and Walking Football sessions and events at The New Croft. This expansion will enable us to further enhance our health and wellbeing provision, benefiting our local community.

We are pleased to announce ITFC Foundation will also have access to our state-of-the-art 3G facilities for various programs, including their Player Development Centre and Elite Player Development Centre.

Peter Betts of The New Croft expressed his enthusiasm about this extended partnership, saying, "This enhanced partnership comes off the back of an excellent first year where Ipswich Town provided our local community with a first-class service. It was really important to continue to recognize that football is for everyone, and being able to extend this partnership to offer a girls' provision and extend on our disability and mental health provisions were important for us all here. Ipswich Town Foundation continues to do some amazing work across local communities, and we are really pleased to be able to continue working with the Club, Jason [Curtis, Head of Foundation], and his team."

Jason Curtis, Head of Foundation for Ipswich Town Foundation, also expressed his excitement about the partnership extension, stating, "Ipswich Town Foundation is delighted to extend our partnership at The New Croft Foundation at such an exciting time. With the ongoing facility developments, the ability to increase our open access and girls’ provision, with a view to develop our Health & Wellbeing offering was so important. This will provide continuing opportunities and experiences which will be exciting for everyone involved in the local community. We enjoy working with Pete and his team and naturally using the facilities both weekly and in the school holidays to ensure our provision is inclusive throughout the year."

This extended partnership signifies our joint commitment to making football accessible to all and enriching the lives of our community members. The New Croft Foundation and Ipswich Town Foundation look forward to continuing our impactful collaboration in the months and years to come.


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