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Young people gain hands-on experience through new initiative

As part of our commitment to the local community, we’re giving young people the opportunity to shine and gain hands-on experience through our ‘World of Work’ initiative here at The New Croft.

The initiative was launched earlier this year by The New Croft Foundation in a bid to support young people in the local area to better prepare them for the transition from education to employment. The opportunity is open to ambitious students, looking to gain hands-on experience in a real-life professional environment.

Edward Newall, an aspiring photographer and videographer currently studying GCSE’s has praised the initiative since joining as a trainee facilities photographer. He said: “The New Croft has not only given me confidence in my ability with a camera, but real-life experience working in a professional environment to help build my portfolio.

“I’ve also developed more social skills by working within a team and talking to new people around the facility. This opportunity has provided me with so many transferable skills and has given me valuable experience that will definitely give me the upper hand when applying for jobs in the future.”

Throughout Edwards's placement at The New Croft Foundation, he has also been offered additional opportunities with Cambridge United and private events to help further his career.

Peter Betts, Facilities & Development Manager at Haverhill Community Sports Association said: “Edward had previously offered his services through Haverhill Rovers FC over a year ago to gain experience. During that time he showcased what a fantastic photographer is he and demonstrated great attributes to join us as part of our World of Work initiative.

“We’re delighted to have Edward on board with us and look forward to working with local schools and colleges to provide future opportunities for like-minded ambitious students.”

If you’d like more information on how to get involved through the World of Work initiative at The New Croft Foundation please click here.


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