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Foundation Set to Lead Youth Provision at Haverhill Rovers FC

At The New Croft Foundation, we are thrilled to announce a significant development in our ongoing mission to enhance local opportunities in football by partnering with Haverhill Rovers FC to support their youth provision.

In response to recent challenges faced by Haverhill Rovers FC, including a shortage of volunteers, the club has initiated several crucial structural changes to ensure continuous improvement and success.

Recognising the need for a more sustainable model, Haverhill Rovers FC has streamlined its volunteer efforts by merging the youth and senior committees into one cohesive group. This unified committee will now focus on optimising the club’s progression from the U13 EJA to the first team, ensuring a consistent and high-quality experience for all involved.

In a strategic move to further strengthen their operations, Haverhill Rovers FC have now partnered with The New Croft Foundation who will oversee the grassroots U6-U18 Mini Soccer, Colts, and girls’ sections of the football club.

This collaboration aims to provide the best possible opportunities for players, coaches, parents, and volunteers. By leveraging the expertise and resources of The New Croft Foundation, we will support the youth provision of Haverhill Rovers FC, ensuring it remains robust and well-resourced for future growth and improvement.

Head of Foundation Lois Balfour commented on the partnership: "This move to take on the running of Haverhill Rovers Youth is something we are extremely excited about. It’s a partnership that we should see flourish in the coming months and years ahead. It will allow us to progressively drive improving standards across the club with some of our staff who have excellent skill sets to achieve this."

"It will also enable the volunteer base at Haverhill Rovers to focus on the EJA and seniors to ensure the whole club is successful from top to bottom."

With this partnership, there will be an increase in opportunities for players at all levels. Enhanced coaching and more structured development pathways will ensure that young players have the best chance to succeed and progress through the ranks of Haverhill Rovers FC.

To maintain accountability and drive progress, Haverhill Rovers FC will set key performance indicators (KPIs) for our team. These KPIs will guide our efforts and ensure that the entire club, from the grassroots to the senior levels, continues to thrive. Additionally, the club retains the flexibility to adapt its structure as needed to achieve its long-term goals.

We are excited about this new chapter with Haverhill Rovers FC. This will undoubtedly lead to remarkable advancements and successes in the coming years. We look forward to welcoming everyone and witnessing the positive impact of this partnership.


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